Lindsey Fleming, BCPA

Senior Vice President with Elder Advisers

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At Elder Advisers, we are dedicated to assisting you by providing the highest quality service possible. Knowledge is a powerful tool. With more than 25 years experience in Financial and Estate Planning, and Asset Protection, Elder Advisers not only brings the required knowledge to the table but the advice and guidance to ensure peace of mind you and your family want.

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Below is our suite of services. Please visit our other websites for more information.

The goal at Live Fully is to assure our clients have the resources to live a full and happy life, meeting them where they are on their healthcare journey. The services offered include placement assistance and ensuring a smooth transition between levels of care.

At Elder Advisers, we work tirelessly to help families financially plan for their loved one’s transition to an assisted living facility or nursing home. What we do: asset protection, financial planning and advising, Medicaid planning, home visits to help reduce your stress, and coordinating with elder law attorneys.

We can help you create a plan that GUARANTEES you will not lose another dollar of your retirement nest egg. You have worked your whole life, now let your money work for you. Call for a free no-obligation consultation today so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve tomorrow.